Traditions Plaza

Estimated Funding:  $50,000-$100,000

  • Class Council committee working with architects Mikeual Perritt ‘69 and Professor Rodney Hill
  • Plans include existing Silver Taps and Muster sculptures to be relocated to this plaza. Class agents of ’91 and ’95, sponsors of those two monuments, have endorsed this relocation.
  • In approval pipeline with University Architect and Traditions Council


The materials for this concept would be the same as used in the existing plaza and area immediately around the large A&M University seal at the intersection of Military Walk and Academic Plaza. The proposed information monument that provides background on Silver Taps would match the others along Military Walk.

The proposal has two relatively small rectangular extensions on each side of the existing plaza that would have the same medium grey tiles as used in the nearby 4 rectangular areas around the University seal. These two extensions would become more formal locations for the Silver Taps and Muster memorial sculptures, now located in Academic Plaza. The same medium grey tiles would be used to cap the 4 planter curbs and also be placed under a proposed new sculpture. This would provide a more formal appearance and link the area with the Military Walk intersection.

At this time the concept for the new sculpture is a simple student’s chair and desk cast in bronze. It has a pen and letter on top of the desk. The letter would be a replica of the October 1968 letter written by freshman Donald Coward to his parents, a few weeks before his death in late 1968. This letter is read to incoming freshmen each year at Fish Camp.

Coordinator:  Bill Zemanek  (

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