Endowed Scholarships

Funding:  $200,000 (8 scholarships)

While the class has sponsored two scholarships for several years, the class approved at its meeting on October 18, 2014 expanding our student scholarship endowments.  In doing so, Class of ’69 members and family able to do so are encouraged to step forward and commit to any of the scholarships coordinated through the Texas A&M Foundation. You can personally–or as a group or unit–commit to an endowed scholarship of your choosing.  We just ask that scholarships given under the Class of ’69 Legacy be titled “For the Class of ’69 by __(your name)___”.

If you choose not to fully fund a scholarship by yourself or with your group, you can join in the general funding of Endowed Opportunity Award (EOA) scholarships by specifying in your Legacy contribution that you wish to donate to the Scholarships project. This may be particularly necessary if you have access to matching funds from a corporation or other organization. It is best to confirm with that matching donor any stipulations associated with matching funds. This message below from Sarah Robinson ’16, the current recipient of the Class of ’69 Endowed Opportunity Award, is representative of the character of the students who have received this scholarship.  (And did I mention that Sarah has a high 3.x GPA?)



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