Aggie Band Commemorative Panel

About 2013 as we were beginning our Class of ’69 Legacy Campaign that would identify projects and carry us to our 50th Reunion this year, our classmate Mikeual Perritt came forward with the idea that a carved panel similar to those displayed in the Memorial Student Center could be a great piece to place in the proposed Band Building we now are so happy to be in today. He proposed this to our Aggie Band, Class of ’69 group at our Muster gathering that year and our classmates generously committed the $40,000 that we believed would be necessary to complete the panel. Mikeual worked with his mentors, Rodney and Sue Hill who did the MSC panels, to put together the design concept and a plan to work together to create the carved panel. Mikeual further worked with Tim Rhea and Jay Brewer to complete the initial design and gain their approval, and then spent a great deal of time with the archives people in Cushing Library to make sure the art work would be historically accurate. As the project was getting underway, Professor Hill encountered a health problem that prevented him from doing active work on the panel. Mikeual took a deep breath and said the panel would get done–he would do it all with Rodney and Sue’s consultation. Furthermore he insisted that if the costs of the wood and tools he required would be covered, he would not accept any payment for his time. And so began a four year journey that has been marked by dedication, endurance and rapid talent growth to provide what you now see as this remarkable Aggie Band Commemorative Panel. For all of us Bandsmen—that journey is highly familiar in how the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band puts forth the excellence that others see in our halftime drills and every time we represent our beloved Texas A&M.

This panel was installed in the Music Activities Center, and dedicated on November 1, 2019. This web page will be updated over time with additional detail about this panel and plans for other panels in the future commemorating the Aggie Band directors.

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