Spirit Plaza Dedication–Welcome

Bill Youngkin ’69

Welcome to the dedication of the Spirit Plaza—our gift from the Class of ’69 to Texas A&M and the A&M student body.  It is a place for reflection and understanding…… and represents all Aggies.  We are honored by so many of you joining us this morning.  We bid special welcome to Chancellor John Sharp, President Michael Young, and the Classes of ’72, ’91, ’95 and ’19.  This Spirit Plaza brings together the previous gift of the Silver Taps sculpture from the Class of ’91 and the Muster sculpture previously given by the Class of ’95.  Also brought into the Spirit Plaza as a gift from the Class of ‘72 is the marker memorializing the letter by their classmate Donald Coward which describes the Silver Taps experience.  In addition to the descriptive markers explaining our two most solemn traditions—Silver Taps and Muster—you will find the Aggie Honor Code and the Core Values that anchor our Aggie bond as we progress through life.  We offer today’s dedication in memory of all students for whom Silver Taps has been held and for all Aggies who have had their names called at Muster and answered “Here!” throughout the years.

“An Aggie’s life begins with “Howdy!” and ends with “Here!”

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