Spirit Plaza Dedication–Presentation to Texas A&M

Regent Bill Mahomes ’69

Bill (Howell), thank you, our fellow classmates and others involved in planning, Chancellor Sharp, President Young, and many people present and not present who made this special day possible.

When we graduated in 1969, we could not have imagined this moment fifty years on – as classmates,  cadets and, for me now today, as a Regent.  We represent students who graduated with us in 1969, some of whom are no longer with us on this earth but who are always with us in the Aggie Spirit.

Moments ago, Bill Maddox read that poignant letter by Donald Coward about the meaning of Silver Taps. Those of us who attended Muster in 1969 had the privilege of hearing Colonel Mayo Thompson, class of ’41, speak. Colonel Thompson served in both WWII and in Vietnam. He spoke of Texas A&M as an “island of light.” He reminded those in attendance that we are all ambassadors for the reputation of the school. His final words of the speech left a lasting impression then and now.  “As ambassadors for Texas A&M,” he said, we  “shall also become living letters of the true Muster spirit” – What a way to think about that tradition, and Spirit Plaza – conducting ourselves as living letters of what it truly means to be a Texas Aggie.

Spirit Plaza is for ALL students. It represents more than the ground it is on; also tradition, heart, and a commitment to the success of each other that Aggies share. Spirit Plaza will be experienced by many, and lived by many.

President Young and Student body President, Amy Sharp: On behalf of a grateful and humble class of 1969, I present Spirit Plaza – and ALL that it embodies – to Texas A&M University, notably to the students of Texas A&M.

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