Spirit Plaza Dedication–Charge to Class of 2019

Bill Zemanek ’69

Introduction of Class Agents

Class of 1969

    •           Bill Youngkin
    •           Larry Lippke
    •           Harvey Schulz
    •           Frank Farias

Class of 2019

    •            Anna Church
    •            Armando Vendrell-Velez
    •            Connor Joseph
    •            Jackson Maples
    •            Helena Shakesby

The 50 year Legacy and Beyond

As the Class of 1969 celebrates 50 years with this dedication of the Spirit Plaza we leave to the University a place where the future will continue to unfold in our most sacred traditions. A place that binds all Aggies together and reinforces our values that transcends generations. Let it be that as Aggieland presented itself to us in 1965 we now present to The Class of 2019 its own part of Aggieland through this Spirit Plaza to preserve and protect for the next 50 years.

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