Reunion Invitation Letter

Yes, it really has been 50 years since we were roaming around the campus as seniors at Texas A&M University. We represented 2,448 of the mere 12,733 total student body present in the fall of 1968.  And as far as we know, 2,056 of us have survived the 50 years since. As small a Class as we were (speaking in relative terms-Class of ’19 has 19,000), we had the opportunity to develop friendships and a bond that have kept us together all this time.

But we now have an opportunity to renew that bond, to refresh our friendships, and to relive those things that made us Class of ’69 Aggies the best damn class that ever attended Texas A&M! Our 50-year Reunion is being held April 21-24 on the campus of Texas A&M University, and all the details are spelled out in this newsletter. We hope you have all heeded the early alerts to make your lodging arrangements and to block this time on your calendars, but there is certainly still time to do so. As you look through the schedule, you will find a number of events that you will no doubt want to attend.  But then you will also find ample free time when you can just hang out with your old buds, tell stories that have gotten better with age, and unfortunately, hear about everyone else’s ailments. Of course, you will also have an opportunity to talk about Classmates who are no longer with us, those for whom Silver Taps has been played, and whose deaths have left holes in our hearts. We will Muster to remember them.

That said, there are a few Reunion highlights you will want to note.  First, while we are special guests of the campus Muster on April 22, along with the family of President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush, we will be holding a separate Class of ’69 Muster on the evening of April 21 during which we will recognize those Classmates who have died since April 21, 2018.  That ceremony will include the skit currently conducted by Fish Camp Crew for all Fish Camp participants, which re-enacts Donald Coward ’72 writing his letter about attending his first Silver Taps in October 1968.  We’ve shared this story with you several times over the past few years, but it is something you will not want to miss.

Then, on Tuesday morning we will dedicate and present the Spirit Plaza to Texas A&M. This Class of ’69 project highlights and focuses on Silver Taps, Muster, and the Texas A&M core values and honor code. But it also introduces the Donald Coward ’72 story to all who visit. It will incorporate and provide a permanent home to sculptures previously provided by the Classes of ’91 and ’95. In this one setting, directly in front of Sully and the Academic Building, visitors and students will gain a clear sense of the core elements of what it means to be an Aggie.

We will wrap up the Reunion on Wednesday morning with a panel of student leaders, sharing their thoughts on what student life is like these days. As much as things have changed in the past 50 years, and as much as we like to say that “old army is shot to hell,” you will find these students truly impressive.  Their values and the leadership they exhibit will restore your faith in the Aggies that Texas A&M is turning out these days. We will also conduct a brief Class business meeting on Wednesday morning before we say “Fifteen for Team, Farmers Fight, and call it a night,” and “Farewell and God Bless.”

So make your plans now and register for the Reunion. There is an overall registration fee, but most of the activities carry individual fees that you can select from. And, it allows you and your spouse/guests to set your own agendas for the Reunion. If it helps you decide about participating, you can view a list of those who have already registered at the top of the Reunion website, when logged into your profile. But don’t wait—someone has to be first.


Larry Lippke
Harvey Schulz
Bill Youngkin
Frank Farias


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