Legacy Fund Status

Class of ’69 Legacy Program

(As of  25 Dec 2018)
Completed Projects/Expenses
    Vietnam Memorial $18,000
    Fish Camp Support & Endowment $133,000
    Memorial Flag Program $10,150
    Spirit Plaza Planning Services $12,500
    Fee on contributions to TAMF $1,000
    Bugle Stand Plaza $45,000
        Total Completed $219,650
Remaining Projects
     Spirit Plaza $550,000
     Contingency on Spirit Plaza 1/ $50,000
     Aggie Ring Scholarship Endowment $25,000
     Opportunity Award Scholarship Endowment $25,000
        Total Remaining $650,000
Funds Available/Anticipated
    Cash in hand
        Class of ’69 Legacy Fund (AFS) $395,264
        Class of ’69 Gift Fund (TAMF) $84,653
           Total Cash in Hand $479,917
    Anticipated/Requested gifts
        Outstanding Legacy Fund Pledges/Matching $12,000
        Class of ’72 Contribution 2/ $50,000
        Class of ’91 Contribution $15,000
        Class of ’95 Contribution $10,000
            Total Anticipated Gifts $87,000
                Total Funds Available/Anticipated $566,917
Amount Required to complete Spirit Plaza (incl contingency) 3/ $120,083
Total Funds Given to Class of ’69 Legacy Projects To Date $699,567
     1/ Contingency is required as part of construction contract. Any amount not needed will be used toward scholarships.
     2/ Contributions from ’72, ’91, & ’95 are requested amounts which respective class agents have accepted.  Actual receipt depends on their class members contributing accordingly.
     3/ This is the current fundraising goal. We do not anticipate receipt of contributions from other classes in time to complete Spirit Plaza construction.  All contributions received in excess of construction costs will be dedicated toward scholarships.
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