Benefactor’s Matching Challenge

Key Provisions:

  • Based on current status, need to raise additional $500,000.
  • Seeking to establish a Matching Fund Challenge totaling $250,000.
  • Asking willing classmates to pledge $25,000 minimum.
    • Will need at least ten at the $25,000 level.
    • Pledge is payable over five years with a 50th Reunion date deadline.
    • Pledge is payable assuming challenge is met (or ideally at least on a pro rata basis).
    • Pledge will be acknowledged at the “Endow the Fund”* level.
    • Individual making such pledge and payment thereof will be able to designate the Legacy Fund program to which the funds will be applied.
    • Individual choosing to so designate a specific program will also have the option to be recognized directly; e.g., Class of ’69 Legacy Scholarship by Zack Mills or a plaque on one of the brick and mortar memorials, or something similar.

Legacy Fund Designations:

  • Endow the Legacy:  $25,000+
  • Insure the Legacy:  $15,000-24,999
  • Sponsor the Legacy:  $10,000-14,999
  • Sustain the Legacy:  $5,000-9,999
  • Support the Legacy:  $2,000-4,999
  • Gift the Legacy:  $100-1,999

To Participate:

Please complete and complete the pledge form at your earliest convenience. Or you may contribute online by entering “Class of ’69 Legacy Fund” in the special instruction box just above the Submit My Gift button.

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