50th Reunion Comments & Anecdotes

I thought you might be interested in this little writeup I made from the whole reunion experience. You guys did a GREAT job. You made it look easy which I know from experience means you worked hard at doing it right. Thanks a thousand times.

— Ron Holland ’69

Excellent job done by all at our ReUNION!  Amazing event that was well planned and more importantly, wonderfully executed.  So many great memories for all of us.

The Proclamation says it all; our focus, stamina, perseverance, patience, and spirit made so much of this possible.  I could not be prouder of our classy Class.

— Hector Gutierrez ’69

As I think I explained to you at the reunion, a few years ago I donated my senior boots to the Sanders Center loan program.  Last year I received a nice thank-you email from Samuel Stalter ’19, expressing appreciation for the use of my boots, spurs and other items for his senior year.  Sam and I made a plan to meet at the reunion, and he came to the Plaza dedication after his bulltext class was over at 1100.

It was fulfilling to see my boots on the ground at A&M 50 years later; I’m honored some deserving cadet was able to make use of them.

— Pat Munn ’69

I know the many of us who benefited from the work of a relatively few of our dedicated classmates will agree that the 50th reunion of the Class of 1969 and the dedication of the Spirit Plaza were planned and executed flawlessly.

There must have been something in the water when we were Fish.  While it might take a Jim Willbanks to do the research to back this up, I doubt there is another class that could produce a  proclamation that comes close to ours.

— Bob Reinhardt ’69

Just a brief note to thank you and other members of the class of ’69, for Spirit Plaza. As time passes my appreciation for this institution and its former students grows. It is one of the reasons Diana and I are delighted our daughter is now an aggie.

— Simon North, Head, Department of Chemistry

Great job on that reunion, by the way.  I think the student panel Wednesday morning sealed the deal.  We can now understand that we have left the place in good hands.  Also, great “Whereas”es from you.  I wonder how many guys outside the Class Council had any idea of the magnitude?  And this was the first time I had heard the number $770,000.  Knocked my socks off.

— Joe Hely ’69

Apologies for this being an email but in the interest of timeliness I felt it was the best way to get it to everyone.  Please forward it to the appropriate parties.

I just want to say that, other than my being part of the family of God, I have never been more proud to be part of a group of people than I was this last several days at our 50th Class Reunion at Texas A&M!  The Class of ’69, embodied and energized by the B/CS class members, left a legacy that will be remembered long after we’re all gone.  The vision, cooperation, drive, high standard of excellence, sacrifice and generosity demonstrated in the Spirit Plaza and by our other past class projects are a tribute not only to our class, but to the ongoing, day to day love and devotion of our B/CS class members who inspire us and lead the way.  Please convey Karen and my sincere appreciation to each and every one of them! (Won’t name individuals as I might inadvertently leave someone out.)

Also, please commend all the young Ags who were representatives of the Muster Committee & Association of Former Students who were liaison to our class at all the events, but especially the BBQ, for their outstanding effort to reach out to us by engaging in conversations and sharing their Aggie experience with us. The panel of student leaders at the class meeting was absolutely inspiring and a first class effort in affirming our hope & faith that the Aggie Spirit burns bright and will continue to do so!

Finally, to the Reunion Committee, thank you for all the tireless effort each and every one of you put into making our 50th Reunion the best it could it have been!  You guys hit a home run and, again, I have never been more proud to be a Fightin’ Texas Aggie than I was after attending our “last” class reunion!

— Bob Kramer ’69

Howdy all!

May I just say, I am so touched by all of your kind words. I was honored, to say the least, to get to be a part of such a special reunion. The class of 1969 will forever be one of my favorite parts of my Aggie experience and my life. You are all such a wonderful representation of what it means to be an Aggie and it is an honor to have learned from you all.

To Mr. Bob Segner and your lovely bride, thank you for your continued kindness and support. Mr. Segner, you shared with me a moment that will forever be captured in my heart as the pinnacle of my service to Aggie Muster on campus. I appreciate you and your time so much.

Larry, I am so excited to have made my *arm* debut to THE class of 1969 website. To say it is an honor is an understatement. I most certainly will not be forgetting any of you.

To those of you who are class agents, this Class of 2019 agent will see you at the leadership council!

I am pleased to say that I will be in College Station for one more semester, as my graduate program wraps up in December of 2019. I hope you will all indulge me in a breakfast at Denny’s some Friday, as I am sure I will miss you all if I don’t see you again soon. My personal email is shakesbyh@gmail.com and I would dearly love to stay in touch with you all.

To say I wish you all the best would not begin to express my good wishes to you. I appreciate you all immensely, and do hope to see you soon!

— Helena Shakesby ’19, Campus Muster Chair

Dear Professor Bob and Suzanne

As you 2 co-chaired our 50th Anniversary Reunion, I want to thank you personally for having put together the VERY BEST ’69 Reunion I’ve ever attended. I’ve attended more than half of our past Reunions and, by far, I enjoyed this 50th so much more than all the others.

I know that you didn’t do all this superb planning and coordination by yourselves, but you also had a handful or two of ’69ers whom you delegated their particular piece of the pie. My words to you about the Reunion apply equally to all the other hard-chargers who pulled this off so brilliantly.

Since I do not have a list of the members of your committee nor the others who contributed so much to this effort, would you please convey to them my sincerest Thanks for pulling off such a fantastic Reunion

— Bill Koenig ’69

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