Aggie Ring Awards

Funding:  $100,000

Many of our Classmates have provided “sweat equity” support to the three Ring Day events held annually by participating in handing out the Aggie Rings.  The class approved at the 45 year reunion providing direct support to students through the establishment of endowed Class of ’69 Aggie Ring Awards similar to the existing Aggie Ring Scholarships to help those students who cannot afford the high cost of today’s Aggie Rings (approximately $500 for women, $1100 for men).  In addition, the Class Council, along with the Association of Former Students, is evaluating ways our commitment can be leveraged to provide additional support and access to the AFS student loan fund to assist a student in obtaining his/her Aggie Ring.  An endowment of $100K will provide $4K annual award funding.


Coordinator: Bob Segner (

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